Electric Scissor Lifts

Model Working Height Width Turning Radius Lift Capacity Gradeability
GS™-1932 7.79m 0.81m 1.55m 227kg 30%
GS™-2032 8.10m 0.81m 2.13m 363kg 30%
GS™-2046 8.10m 1.17m 2.29m 544kg 30%
GS™-2632 9.92m 0.81m 2.13m 227kg 25%
GS™-2646 9.92m 1.17m 2.29m 454kg 30%
1017 AWD Diesel Scissor Lift 12.0m 1.73m 480kg 30%


Standard Scissor Lift Features

scissorOutdoor Functionality

Electric scissors offer outdoor functionality on firm, level surfaces, providing accessibility for a wide variety of applications.

Compact Maneuverability

All models have front-wheel drive and most models feature zero inside turning radius for excellent maneuverability in tight spaces like congested construction sites, elevators and narrow aisles.

Folding Guardrails

Neatly folding guardrails make it easy to maneuver through doorways, into elevators and throughout other height-restricted areas.

Dual Flashing Beacons

Orange flashing lights warn workers when lift is moving or in operation.

Non-marking Tyres

These hard rubber non-marking tyres prevent scuffing floors or picking up debris that could otherwise damage a floor.